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If you’ve ever thought…

“How will my skin react to this new product?”

Welcome, KIVENS® is made for you.


Birthed out of the struggle to find anything that won’t trigger skin flushing, puffiness, flaking, itching and psoriasis flare-ups, our founder, Elisabete, set out to create a transformative, anti-aging natural skin care line that boosts and fortifies your skin’s health and luminosity, without the fillers and fragrance.


When you smooth KIVENS® onto your skin, you will discover why many of our happy customers reorder month after month. Elisabete herself delights in using the Soothing Hydrating Foam and the silky smooth Ultimate Cellular Protection daily. She doesn’t leave home without them.


We invite you to try this unique formulation and enjoy the luxury of having your skin under control as you age gracefully.


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Find Sensitive Skincare Products

Natural Face Cleanser and Moisturizing Cream
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As seen in

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How KIVENS® is Different

Powered by nature to get your skin under control.

We at KIVENS® only use ingredients that directly benefit your skin (proven with clinical studies!).
We understand that avoiding irritants is mandatory. We don't use alcohol, perfume, dyes or other ingredients known to trigger allergic reactions.
Each award-winning bottle that arrives at your doorstep was developed and produced in Portugal, passing the highest European cosmetic standards.

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Ingredients for Radiance

Colloidal Oatmeal – Protect and Soothe
Ectoin – Powerful Repair and Hydration
Glyceryl Glucoside – Energize Cell Renewal
Oat Oil – Restore a Supple Skin Barrier
Shea Butter – Hydrate Layers-Deep
Squalane – Protect & Prevent Irritation

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What clean beauty means to us

With the utmost ingredient being integrity, our enriching formulas are always clean, green, and safe.

To us, clean beauty helps you feel good in the skin you’re in. It strengthens your skin’s immune system without irritation so you can feel confident every day. Our premium skincare products responsibly protect, preserve, and prolong the natural beauty of both your skin and our environment. Our ingredients are 100% biodegradable.

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Antioxidant Technology

Produced, packaged, and delivered in a vacuum to preserve maximum effectiveness.

It's no wonder why our customers smile when taking the cap off and depressing the pump to deliver nourishing hydration. We preserve our products effectiveness and reduce the need for irritating preservatives by both producing and packaging KIVENS® products using airless, vacuum technology. It's worth going above and beyond to ensure each powerful pump of our Skin Protect Duo is fresh for you.

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Our Customers Testimonials

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