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If you can't find a way, create one

KIVENS is a portuguese company created in 2020, dedicated to bringing you effective and caring products, specially designed for people with sensitive skin. It took us 5 years to carve this new path and to bring you the very best innovative and effective products.


Inspired by the founder’s personal experience, we have built a multidisciplinary team, formed by a chemical engineer, a chemist, and a pharmacy technician. This team started developing prototype formulations which resulted in high-performance products that respect and optimize skin’s natural mechanisms.


We want to help you feel comfortable in your own skin, allowing you to walk confidently. We stand for unique formulas based on high quality ingredients that are always dermatologically tested.


KIVENS is about quality and ingredient integrity, ‘less-but-better’ is our ultimate goal.


Our Team

Research and Development steered by Inspiration, Innovation and Precision

Elisabete Ramalho

CEO and Founder

Graduate in Organic Skincare Formulation and Advanced Organic Skincare Science from Formula Botanica, and member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists in the United Kingdom, Elisabete brings a true passion for research and development and a deep commitment for a new generation of dermocosmetics focused on the health and beauty of skin with clean, natural derived and clinically proven ingredients. At KIVENS, her approach is a hands-on practical managing director, being involved in all aspects from product development, customer education, to digital marketing. Elisabete also brings a strong experience in management, with a degree in Management, with more than 10 years' experience in program management at the Ministry of Education, which made her an advocate for Education For All as one of the fundamental pillars of society.

Sandra Santos

Technical Director

Graduate in Pharmacy in 2006, being Pharmacognosy and Galenic Pharmacy her areas of election. Sandra started her career in the pharmacy team at the Pediatric Hospital Dona Estefânia, specializing in sterile and non-sterile manipulated medicines. In 2019, she obtained a postgraduate degree in Advanced Cosmetology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, as well as other courses in Pharmacovigilance, Drug-Food Interaction and Dermopharmacy and Cosmetics. At KIVENS, she is responsible for validating the scientific material, connecting with pharmacies and health professionals, and for the phytochemicals research with relevance in cosmetics, as well as the regulatory and cosmetovigilance.


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