Ectoin® – the revolutionary active

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Revolutionary active that revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.

Ectoin® is used as an active ingredient in skincare and sun protection products. It stabilizes proteins and other cellular structures and protects the skin from aggressors such as UV radiation.

Fun fact: Scientists surprisingly discovered ectoin® in an Egyptian desert in 1985. It is a substance that protects small microorganisms that grow in some of the most hostile and harsh environments on Earth, such as lakes and salt deserts.

Ectoin® is an amino acid known as an ‘Extremolyte’. Extremolytes are natural stress protection molecules that microorganisms and plants produce to help them combat stressors such as drought and extreme temperature changes in their habitats.

Ectoin® is a natural moisture binder. When it binds with water on the skin, it helps to restructure the cell membrane.

This is highly effective in protecting our skin cells from damage caused by UV rays, temperature differences, and pollution, and prevents the first signs of skin damage.

Ectoin® is a very powerful natural stress protection molecule. This multi-action active prevents cellular damage and inflammation caused by different types of stress, thus preserving the beauty and health of your skin. Scientifically proven to protect against skin ageing, ectoin® repairs and improves damaged, stressed and irritated skin. Your skin is protected as its defences increase, stabilizing the barrier function.

Proven efficacy in:

  • Cell protection and skin self-defence enhancement (in vivo)
  • Antipollution and detoxification (in vivo)
  • Protection against visible and blue light (ex vivo)
  • Protection against ageing and UV damage (in vivo)
  • Reduction of wrinkles (in vivo)
  • Anti-ageing / slow ageing (in vivo)
  • Increased skin hydration (long-lasting) – 7 days (in vivo)
  • Improved skin texture (in vivo)
  • Repair the natural skin barrier (in vivo)
  • Relief of skin irritation (in vivo)
  • Anti-inflammatory effect (in vivo)
  •  Protection against UVA/UVB and IR-A radiation
  • DNA protection

Of all the beneficial characteristics already discovered and possible applications of ectoin®, the one that has emerged as one of the most promising is its role in protecting and preserving normal skin function.

Because of its strong water-binding activity, ectoin® may be especially useful in preventing dehydration of dry atopic skin, restoring skin viability, and preventing skin ageing.

The ectoin® used in our cosmetics is patented, produced in Germany and certified EcoCert, Cosmos, Nature, Halal and Vegan.

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Did you know that ectoin® has a long-lasting effect? It has been proven that the moisturizing effect on the skin after 12 days of treatment persists for another 7 days even if treatment is stopped.

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