Skin immunity

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We all know healthy nutritional tips to boost our immune system, such as taking vitamins, eating organic foods, and drinking more water. However, the question has arisen: Can we support healthier skin by boosting our skin immunity? How do we define it?


Skin Immunity
The skin is an intelligent, protective shield whose main function is to serve as a barrier between the outside world and the individual. It is the first line of defense against invasion by aggressors such as bacteria, viruses, environmental pollution, toxins, UV rays, temperature changes, and stress.

The skin protects the body by employing its physical barrier property, microbiome and a sophisticated network of immune cells – i.e. Langerhans, dermal dendritic cells and macrophages/macrophages derived from macrophages, CD4+T cells (Th1, Th2 and Th17 type), CD8+T cells, NK (natural killer) T cells and gd (gamma delta) T cells – that activate the immune response against aggression. The skin’s immune cells also promote its physiological functions such as tissue reconstruction and repair, even in the absence of any aggressors.

When the immune system is dysregulated or overloaded due to chronic micro-inflammation or inflammation, this impairs tissue restoration, function and healing. Inflammation occurs due to chronic low-level inflammation with degradation of collagen, cells and tissues.

Skin immunity is a driving force of life or the control center of the skin. And without a healthy functional immune system, both the skin microbiome and skin barrier functions would fail. Research shows the impact of internal and external aggressors on skin health and inflammation, which can alter the skin’s immune response and molecular interactions within skin cells, making the skin more susceptible to further irritation and other possible health problems. Therefore, it is critical to uphold the balance of the ecosystem that provides defensive components for healthier skin.

Our Ultimate Cellular Protection face cream with outstanding skin barrier repair efficacy, has the revolutionary ingredient Ectoin® that shows an 82.4% improvement in skin elasticity and 100% protection of epidermal immune cells called Langerhans cells. A decreasing number of Langerhans cells is a sign of skin damage and aging.



Immunocosmetics for a Pandemic World
COVID-19 created a hygiene routine necessary to protect against the virus, entailing frequent cleaning (especially of the hands) and the use of masks. However, this hyper-hygiene routine also weakens the skin’s natural barrier and microbiome and can lead to skin irritation and sensitivity. As such, skin needs extra care, especially now, and the importance of a healthy connection between the skin’s immune system and microbiome has never been more important.

A fully comprehensive approach is needed to support the health of the skin barrier, the microbiome as well as the immune system and this is where our immunocosmetic concept fits in.



By taking a holistic approach to skin care, immunocosmetics focuses on the comprehensive delivery of barrier building and protective ingredients, including anti-inflammatory actives selected to support the skin’s natural immunity and provide essential fatty acids to strengthen the skin’s microbiome.

In addition, immunocosmeceuticals give preference to multifunctional, multi-action ingredients in order to decrease the number of products/ingredients used on the skin. This simplification helps reduce stress to the skin barrier, the microbiome and the well-being of the immune system, while preventing problems with skin sensitivity and irritation. This is the basis of KIVENS®’ work as it focuses on the health and care of sensitive skin.

Our products are not only the solution for protecting and moisturizing your skin, they are also multifunctional products that combine repairing and anti-aging effects.

Maintaining a healthy barrier function is at the heart of dermal homeostasis.

Increasingly important is also transparency about the origin of the ingredients used in its composition. The ingredients chosen by KIVENS® are safe, sustainable and ethical, with clinically proven efficacy.


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