According to the Yuka App Cosmetics Review, Ultimate Cellular Protection is 100% good for the health of your skin. This skin care product has a Yuka score of 100/100.

Our products were rated excellent, and we are delighted (but not surprised). This has put us ahead of our competitors. What’s in it? Ectoin, glyceryl glucoside, squalene, oat oil and colloidal oatmeal (United States Pharmacopeia grade) to boost cell revitalization.

After applying the cream, the skin feels hydrated and soft, without a greasy feel.

The average person uses between seven and nine different products a day. In this context, it is not surprising that consumers are increasingly curious about what chemical components end up on their skin, so label review has been incorporated into the shopping routines of many consumers.



Yuka App is a mobile application that allows you to scan the barcodes of food and personal care products and instantly see their impact on your health, and the independent scores that YUKA gives to each product.

The app is free and currently has 26 million users worldwide and is growing every day.

Yuka’s goal is to improve consumers’ health by helping them make sense of product labels. As a result, consumers are able to make better choices for their  health.

One of KIVENS’ values is transparency and the independent system of analysis and scoring of the cosmetic product, analyzing each ingredient that goes into its composition, validates our commitment to transparency with our customers.


Our products being rated 100/100, also shows that our commitment to have no aggressive ingredients for your skin is fully met. Remember, we use the maximum permitted concentration of our high-quality active ingredients and remove all unnecessary ingredients. We never compromise the health of your skin!

Focused on the health of your skin! For stronger skin.

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